We offer consultancy services in three key areas, Mortgage Fraud, Mortgage and Collateral Risk and Unsecured Lending:

Mortgage Fraud

As subject matter experts in mortgage fraud, our fraud consultants work with a number of lending organisations and industry bodies in order to promote awareness and best practice.  We frequently speak at seminars and other engagements at the request of organisations, such as the CML and EFMA.  We can work in partnership with your business to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Strategic consultancy – We can work with you to review policy, procedures and the use of your current fraud prevention systems in order to suggest ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency.  Mortgage fraud is constantly evolving and therefore strategy also needs to be updated regularly in order to combat the changing face of fraud in your organisation.   
  • Training – We can develop and deliver customised training workshops to enhance fraud detection skills.  Training can be tailored to both the organisation’s specific requirements as well as those of the individual.  This level of training not only assists in making staff more aware of mortgage fraud, it also helps promote industry best practice.
  • Detailed fraud analytics – Utilising our FraudMark and ValueMark tools, our analysts can help you uncover hidden fraud and ascertain the true value of a portfolio.

Mortgage and Collateral Risk

Due to the nature of the CoreLogic Solutions Limited business, we hold a wealth of property information as an integral part of the products and services that we offer.  Our consultants can help you understand the data that we hold and the benefits this information could provide to your business:

  • Portfolio valuation – valuation and geographical area trend information can help your organisation in a number of ways.  It will provide insight into the property risk inherent within your portfolio, will give an accurate reflection of what capital should be held and will provide data to optimise provisioning and forecasting models.
  • Valuation Fraud Detection – Our consultants and analysts can provide valuable insight which will help in the fight against property fraud.  By using various types and sources of listings and property attributes data, we can provide flags to determine what type of property fraud is being attempted/has been perpetrated.

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