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At CoreLogic Solutions Limited, we understand the risks associated with secured lending which is why we provide analytics tools that help lenders manage that risk. Our easy-to-use tools apply advanced statistical modeling, pattern recognition, and other proprietary analytics to deliver insight into risks associated with the property, valuation, borrower and transaction participants.

In addition to our suite of analytical tools, we also offer risk consulting and support to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from our fraud and valuation solutions.


One of the UK’s most sophisticated mortgage fraud detection and prevention products. FraudMark works by looking across a mortgage application to give an indication of potential fraudulent activity. Utilising pattern recognition technology, FraudMark delivers a score indicating the likelihood of fraud together with alerts indicating the areas of the application that are suspicious. Used by both fraud investigators and underwriters alike at the application stage, FraudMark can also be used for portfolio analysis to help ascertain the overall quality of a mortgage pool.


ValueMark, our enhanced AVM and property analytic tool, addresses the needs of customers in a rapidly changing environment where property values are quickly evolving. With ValueMark, you can ascertain the value of a property and flag potential issues in a number of key areas:

  • Back-to-back sales - if there has been a sale on the property in the last 12 months.
  • Suspicious value - when the property price has trended outside of the area average.
  • Multiple occupancy alerts occur when the Royal Mail has several different residents at the same address.
  • Characteristic conflicts - when the property attributes entered (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc.) differ from the details in our database.
  • Hidden Buy-to-Let - when there is a record that the property has been rented in recent years.

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